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The Tenuta Rasciatano Wines


Nero di Troia

Brilliant ruby red color. The nose is characterized by traces of ripe soft fruits, cocoa and liquorice. The taste is dense and well balanced with sophisticated and refined hints of coriander and sandalwood, typical of the Nero di Troia Grape, cultivated on Rasciatano territory.



Briliant ruby red color. The nose is characterized by ripe soft fruits, cocoa, liquorice and black cherry. The taste is dense and well balanced with refined hints of coriander, sandalwood and vanilla.


Malvasia Bianca

Bright yellow color, with vivid green reflections. The nose offers a complex flowery bouquet and strong hints of lime tree and citrus fruits. The taste is dense and deep, very persistent with a typical territorial minerality.



Rose petal colour with golden reflections. The nose offers refined aromas of red cherry and sour cherry. Nice lenght, mineral quality with a fresh finish.


Tenute - Nero di Troia

Intense ruby red color. The nose has notes of black berries and coriander. The taste if full, harmonius, with balanced tannins.


Tenute - Chardonnay

Straw yellow with golden reflection. The nose shows the prevalence of tropical fruit notes and hints of lime and broom. The taste is soft, lingering finish with a slightly acid that enhances the freshness.


Tenute - Primitivo

Intense ruby red color hue. Aroma of tiny red fruits and spices. Taste soft and harmonic with matured tannis in a rich and well-structured body.

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